Anemones comes in a range of bright jewelled colours as well as white with a black centre.

We dispatch the flowers very fresh so the majority of the petals are closed. If you’re using them for a wedding or event and find they’re taking a little while to open, re-cut the stems, place them in lukewarm water and put them in a warm room.

Anemones are incredibly delicate and can easily bruise or tear, therefore it’s best to be gentle when handling them. They’re also a thirsty flower, so remember to keep the water topped up regularly. Like tulips they continue to grow once they’ve been cut…allow for this in arrangements!

These pretty blooms are perfect for wedding flowers and I’ve found a few example of designs on pinterest to inspire you!

Anemone wedding bouquet Anemone wedding wrist corsage Anemone wedding bouquet Anemone wedding bouquet cerise anemones Blue Anemones Red Anemones

For more idea’s on using anemones visit our Pinterest page.