Avalanche Roses have a sturdy stem and are crowned with a large flower that always opens fully. With a high petal count, long vase life and all year round availability the Avalanche Rose has become a firm favourite.

The Avalanche Rose is a white rose with a hint of green around the outer petals. As the flower head opens the green hue fades and turns back to almost white. They are available in different stem lengths from 50cm to 80cm. The longer the stem, the larger the flower head.

Over the past few years Avalanche roses have been the most popular wedding rose. The most popular shades being white, peach and sweet (pale pink).

Flowermonger’s tip…The outer petals of roses are called ‘guard petals’. For a lovely fresh look, carefully remove them with your fingers.


b965121036c6c7e10c91fa2152ad3128 bb5e3f0e70681cf29482c3d4fb55cce2Picture by Clint Randall www.pixelprphotography.co.uk


Preparing roses:

– Cut the stems at a 45 degree angle with a sharp knife or secateurs.

– Remove the lower foliage.

– Carefully remove the thorns, trying not to scrape or cut through the bark. A sharp knife or you can buy a rose stripper.

– In clean buckets, add tepid water & flower food.

– Place your roses in the bucket – submerged in deep water to just below the flower heads.

– Leave over night to hydrate – they will be ready to work with in the morning.

– Do not leave any flowers near a radiator, in direct sunlight or in a draft.