Ooh the most beauty of spring flower…Ranunculus!

This time of year we receive many orders from brides to use them in table arrangement and bouquets. Being chosen over a classic rose, for its simple beauty and wide array of shades.  We too love this flower (just see our Instagram feed!). It’s a versatile flower adding texture and colour to  different themes and styles, happy to sit alone or nestled in among other flowers.

Each bunch of ranunculus are unique as the flowers are known for a rainbow of hues, unless you’ve picked classic white.

You can make your wedding flowers ‘pop’ with one of the more vibrant shade!  However our all-time favourites are the many shade of pink from the softest shade ‘Hanoi’ (super expensive) through to ‘Hot pink’…below are just a few of the shades.

So if you’re booking a spring wedding you need these beauties in your arrangements!

Ranunculus flower in bucket

Cappuccino Pink

Ranunculus in Vintage cream pot.

Cappuccino Pink Ranunculus in Vintage cream pot.

Large pink Ranunculus

The super pricy but gorgeous ‘Clooney Hanoi Pink’

Dark Pink Ranunculus

Ranunculus in ‘Dark Pink’

Ranunculus in bouquet

Ranunculus bouquet using ‘Cappuccino pink’

peaches and pinks ranunculus

‘Amandine Pastel’ these come in a range with peaches and pinks.

Pink Ranunculus

‘Elegance Pink…mix of soft and brighter shades

Cream and pink flowers

‘Cappuccino’ a blend of cream with pink edges


Different type of Ranunculus ‘Pon Pon Malva’

Bright pink ranunculus

‘Elegance Hot Pink’…these really pop!

orange flowers

‘Elegance Orange’…shades from gold to strong orange.

yellow flowers

‘Pauline Gold’ these are more of a solid shade in all the flowers.