This dainty star shaped flower is native to the tropical Americas. It’s named after Charles Bouvard (1572–1658) who was Louis XIII physician…so it’s been around for a long time!

The bouvardia (boo-VAR-dee-ah) flowers are small and tubular with spreading star-like petals.  The leaves are bright green and slightly pointy!

Each stem is topped with its own little bouquet of the dainty flowers. Bouvardia flower is available in many colours including pinks, whites, peaches, reds and lilacs.

Bouvardia is a very popular wedding flower, due to it soft feminine appearance which make it a great filler flower.  Bouvardia is sold in wraps of 10 stems, the stem lengths vary in length from 55cm – 65cm depending on the variety and grade to choose.


Single Stem of Bouvardia


Found on Pinterest – What a simple bridesmaids bouquet!


Found on Pinterest – Great for bride who wants 1 flower in her bouquet.


Found on Pinterest – great for vases!

Picture by Clint Randall

How they come packaged!