Over the last few years, chrysanthemums growers have introduced a huge variety of colours, shapes and sizes of this beautiful staple flower. Available to buy all year round, they’re grown and auctioned in vast quantities, making them one of the cheaper flower options.

Split into two main categories – Multi-Headed Spray or Single-Headed.

Multi-headed Spray

We sell 4 different types – Button, Daisy, Double and Spider. All varieties are sold with either 5 or 10 stems in a bunch.

Single-headed Bloom

These are large grand bloom which makes a statement.   They come in 6 shapes – Pom Pom, Double, Incurve, Mop Head, Single and Spider. All varieties are sold 10 stems per bunch.

Below is just a small selection of Chrysanthemums available from us.

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Flowermonger’s tip:

– The foliage on Chrysanthemums’ deteriorates quicker than the flowers so as soon as the foliage droops remove it.

– Chrysanthemums are susceptible to stem blockage, so recut the stems, change the water, and add nourishment every 2 days.

– Keep your flowers in a cool room, away from sources of heat and drafts.