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A for Anemones…one of springs little gems.

Anemones comes in a range of bright jewelled colours as well as white with a black centre.

We dispatch the flowers very fresh so the majority of the petals are closed. If you’re using them for a wedding or event and find they’re taking a little while to open, re-cut the stems, place them in lukewarm water and put them in a warm room.

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Flower Inspiration – Jam jar styling using Aquilegia!

Using Jam jar for DIY-ing your own table centres for wedding venue is a beautifully simple idea, this flower inspiration only uses a few stems of blue/lilac Aquilegia and a couple of sprigs of eucalyptus leaves!  However you can use any combination of flowers what fit into your theme.
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Daisy’s are just simplicity!

I just love a simple colour palette for a wedding and with all this sunshine, my favourite colours of the moment is yellow!  These simple bouquets and arrangements from Pinterest all feature the tiny flower called ‘Tanacetum’ variety Victory white which look just like the garden daisy. Continue Reading…