Dahlias have really become popular in wedding flowers over the last few years.  More brides want informal country look flowers at their weddings.  What is more country than a Dahlias, we grow up next to an amazing gardener those front gardens was full of them.

As wholesale flowers, the Dahlia is sold in wraps of 10 or 20 stems and are available May to October. They are delicate and don’t last long and something don’t even like to travel but it’s worth it to get the country feel!

It’s all about the flower head with dahlias; the leaves always look scruffy/discoloured, this is normal and just remove them!

The Wedding Chicks have a great tutorial on how to arrange a wedding bouquet using Dahlias – www.weddingchicks.com/2011/11/28/how-to-arrange-a-dahlia-wedding-bouquet/


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All images from Pinterest – Just search Dahlia Wedding Bouquet for inspiration.