Style me Pretty has created an amazing DIY ampersand on their blog this week.

Floral letters and words have become very popular for wedding venue styling and you can easily recreate the look for your wedding day or event.


What you need:

Paper mache ampersand or letters can be found on Ebay or Amazon.   However, as it’s paper you will need to add some plastic to the bottom of the oasis otherwise it’s going to get soggy!  We sell the Oasis Floral Foam letters at £4.75 each, these are 29cm high however they don’t yet do an ampersand.

Floral foam bricks available for £1.95 for 2 bricks

Utility knife – 60p

Pot tape – 95p (this will secure your foam to the paper mache letter)

Fresh flowers and greens, in these images from Style me Pretty they used:

Salal leaves

Pink and Lilac roses (this can be a short variety as you won’t be using long stems)

White Wax Flower

You can see close up images of flowers types on our Instagram page.

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How to do it:


If you’re using a paper mache letter or ampersand, use the utility knife to cut out the top of the letter/ampersand, leaving an open box in the shape of an ampersand. Then line with plastic for strong cling film for a water barrier.


Cut the floral foam blocks to fit the ampersand shape (you may want to use a long kitchen knife for this).  Cut the blocks to fit inside the letter/ ampersand shape.


Add strips of pot tape around the letter/ampersand to keep the foam in place.


The morning of your event, wet the oasis then trim the flowers and greenery to have stems about 2” long and remove excess leaves. Place in cups of water until inserted into the ampersand.


Add flowers and greens to the ampersand by sticking them into the foam. Begin with the greenery and work from the outside of the shape in. Build up with the flowers and try to cover any areas of exposed foam. Let a bit of greenery trail off the shape in a few places for a more organic look.


Sit back and enjoy your work…then place at your venue!

Here’s some more inspiration on letters I found on Pinterest.


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