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How to order

There is a wealth of information on-line from Pinterest, blogs to ‘how to’ on You Tube; these will give you all the inspiration for your DIY wedding or events flowers! Then we will give you the right advice – flower choice, timings, budgets etc. for your order to take shape, creating the DIY flowers you envision.  Remember, we don’t provide the floristry.  All the flowers will arrive to you in wholesale wrapping.

We can approximate the price of your order or work backwards from a budget, telling you what you can afford and quantities needed I.E flowers come in packs of either 5’s, 10’s or 20’s, or for example, only the rose heads are needed, we would recommend buying the shorter stemmed bunches to limit your cost. Just email us on letting us know – Your wedding/event date, venue and location, colour scheme and what you want to make!

We purchase from the flower auction twice a week, we will always attempt to be accurate with your costs but having a small percentage of flexibility in a quote is vital.   When you place your final order we will provide a final ‘fixed cost’ invoice based on the current market prices.

PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes we’re unable to get a certain flower or colour of flower.  If this happens with your order, we will find you a substitute flower/colour that fits in with your flower selection.

Please note: We have a minimum order of £50.00 plus courier costs.