Jenna contacted us a couple of months before her wedding at Ash Barton Estate with a list of flowers she liked and what was needed to be made.

I put together a bright array of flowers to decorate – 15 tables using gin bottles, milk bottles and jars. 8 bridesmaids smallish bouquets but with one or two larger flowers and then a lot of foliage. For Jenna she just wanted to have one statement flower so a flaming peony which she’d seen on your Instagram was perfect to her. Then not forgetting 8 buttonholes for the guys!

Order was:

10 stems Pink Peonies
10 stems Coral Peonies
10 stems Flame Peonies
30 stems Craspedia
10 stems Yellow Anigozanthos
10 stems Dark Pink Snapdragons
10 stems White Lisianthus
10 stems White Thistle
10 stems Celosia caracas
3 bunches Cinerea Eucalyptus
3 bunches Nicolli Eucalyptus
2 bunches Soft Ruscus
1 bunch Leatherleaf Fern
Bespoke Package approx. £300.00

Love My Dress Feature –

Comments from Jenna ‘I am really sorry that it has taken so long to email and say thank you for our beautiful wedding flowers back in June. We have moved countries since the wedding so it has all been a bit busy. The flowers were beautiful and just what I wanted. We made the bridesmaids bouquets and the buttonholes the day before with some of my bridesmaids, my mum, dad’s wife and my aunty. The flowers for the table were very simple in the end and we decided it looked best with just one of the large peonies in the Hendricks bottles. Really loved that! Then my aunty made some flower arrangements that we put around the venue and she used some on the wedding cake that she made.

We had a little mishap with the button holes and Ben forgot to put them on before the ceremony, so we have some funny photos of them all putting them on mid wedding.

Thank you again. The flowers were wonderful, ordering incredibly easy and the instructions very helpful. I have recommended you to a few friends too. Attached are some photos from the big day (I will have to send them in a few emails as there are quite a few). The colours looks really great I think. We are also being featured in the Love my dress blog and will forward it to you once it is out.’