Nothing says “spring” like the arrival of brightly coloured tulips!  We can usually buy them in from December but they’re at their best from January to April.

These beauties are striking as a simple table arrangement, and even more stunning when grouped in large numbers for wedding table decoration.

They will arrive closed (like below) and will open over the course of a few days.  This is just a small selection of varieties on offer!



Flowermonger ‘s tip

– Cut the stems at an angle, half a cm from the base of the stems.  This will help them readily soak up water.

– Remove all the extra leaves from the base of the stems.

– Pick a vase/container that is least half the height of the tulips. This allows them to lean against the vase without bending over.

– Fill the vase with cold water. Cold water will keep the stems fresh and crisp, while warm or hot water would cause them to become weak and soggy, then keep the vase filled with fresh water.

– Keep the tulips out of the sun. Place it in an area that doesn’t get too hot and sunny.

– Lastly Tulips will always bend towards the light, so condition in their wrappers to keep straight. Floristry wire can be pushed up the stems before arranging, if you want them to stay put!