Unpacking your flowers

Take a sharp knife or pair of scissors and open the box up.  Be careful of the elastic bands – they’re strong and held in place by quite sharp plastic spikes (keep them well out of reach of children).

It’s a good idea to purchase some cheap buckets and have them ready to fill with water to take the flowers. (Your flower will have been out of water longer than usual but will recover in a few hours)

Take the flowers bunch by bunch from the box, but don’t take off the plastic sleeves as these help keep the flowers shape and ‘fix’ upright.  Cut each stem, at an angle (to create the largest surface area of stalk) and place it into water.

Roses will be transported in water. Puncture the water container and remove it brushing off any residue, then re-cut the stems and place them in fresh water.

Leave in the water for minimum of 3 hours before removing the wrapping. Remove all the unwanted leaves (and thorns on the roses), re-cut the stems and place back into the water. This will allow the flowers to open ready for you to arrange them the next day.

Please ensure that all flowers are kept cool and out of direct sunlight.